Located in the heart of District 2, d’Edge Thao Dien is the next architectural masterpiece of CapitaLand in Ho Chi Minh City.
There are 2 towers in the project: Aire and Breze.
Aire denotes an unhurried life with the amenities of its building and its surroundings, allowing one to prioritize family and work-life balance while in the comfort of their home.
Breze encompasses the idea of a life that is one with nature and aims to provide families with a modern living experience with abundant lifestyle conveniences.

Property Name: d’Edge Thao Dien
Property Type: High-end Condominium
Location: 207 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien Ward, Thu Duc Ciy, HCMC
Land Area:
No. of block:
7,900 sqm
2 blocks: A – Aize & B – Bzere
No. of Storey: 22
No. of Unit: Total: 273 units
– Aire Tower: 145 units
– Breze Tower: 128 units
Type & Size of Apartment From 1BR to 4BR, Duplex and Penthouse
– 1 BR: 58sq mt
– 2 BR: 90 – 93 sq mt
– 3 BR: 142 sq mt
– 4BR: 187-188 sq mt
– Duplex: 235 – 242 – 256 sq mt
– Penthouse: 411 sq mt
Utility fee: – Management fee: Vnd 24,300/m2/month
– Motorbike Parking Fee: 132,000/month
– Car Parking fee: 1,650,000/month
Status: Finished
– Year of built: 2017
– Handover: 06/2020
Design Architect:
Main Constructor:
Building density:
Green Area: 
Capital Land – Thanh Nien
P&T Consultants
Tuan Le Construction


D’Edge Thao Dien is located specifically at Nguyen Van Huong Street, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. Owning a prime location in Thao Dien area, this project is considered a “golden” land with a lot of potential and advantages: long-standing presence of foreign residents and workers, shaping it into a diverse expatriate community with a European and American influence, creating a sophisticated living environment with a European-style ambiance. Importantly, the project offers convenient access to various districts in the city center.

  • The distance to the Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien metro line is 2 km.
  • It takes approximately 15 minutes to reach District 1 via the Saigon Bridge.
  • The distance to Tan Son Nhat Airport is approximately 20 minutes.
  • It takes around 10 minutes to reach the Thu Thiem urban area via Mai Chi Tho Boulevard.

VI TRI scaled - d'Edge Thao Dien


Invested with more than 70 high-class facilities, the D’edge Capitaland project completes a rich life, commensurate with the class of the elite in Vietnam.

so do tong the - d'Edge Thao Dien

1. Swimming pool, relaxing lake:
The total area of the swimming pool and Jacuzzi is 470 m2 with a variety of pools including:

The swimming pool overflowing on the 22nd floor.
Air swimming pool.
Relaxing steps with hydrotherapy.
Relaxing lake with hydrotherapy.
Children’s swimming pool.

2. Green garden system in the project area:
Invested up to 6,300m2 of the green area throughout the project. Average 5m2 of green space/resident.

Garden of herbs and flavors.
Garden lobby to welcome guests (Ground floor).
Phalaenopsis garden (Ground floor).
Welcome garden (Ground floor).
Herb and Flavor Garden (Floor 4).
Tea Garden (4th Floor).
Palm Garden (3rd Floor).
Tropical Garden (Top floor).
Sky Garden (Top floor).
Lantern Garden.

3. Children’s play facilities (ground floor):
Treehouse for kids.
Children’s play area.

So do tong the 1 - d'Edge Thao Dien

4. Health care and relaxation facilities:
370 m-long jogging and cycling paths surround the project.
Yoga and meditation ground.
Luxury sauna and massage room.
High-class yoga room.
Gym room.

5. Other utilities:
Parking garden for residents.
Outdoor party room.
Reading library and public workspace.
Upscale lounge with wine and cigar bar.
Star observatory: with telescope, table, and chairs, landscape.
Outdoor BBQ area.

mat bang tien ich tang thuong d edge 1024x717 1 - d'Edge Thao Dien

Master Plan

so do tong the - d'Edge Thao Dien


So do tong the 1 - d'Edge Thao Dien

mat bang tien ich tang thuong d edge 1024x717 1 - d'Edge Thao Dien

Floor Plan

so do tang 4 - d'Edge Thao Dien

tang 5 - d'Edge Thao Dien


so do tang 6 12 15 19 - d'Edge Thao Dien


so do tang 12B - d'Edge Thao Dien

so do tang 20 - d'Edge Thao Dien


Tang 21 1024x984 - d'Edge Thao Dien


Tang 22 - d'Edge Thao Dien


  • 1 bedroom apartment

Can 1PNA 1024x768 - d'Edge Thao Dien

  • 2 bedroom apartment

CAN 2PNA1 1024x768 - d'Edge Thao Dien

CAN 2PNA2 1024x768 - d'Edge Thao Dien

CAN 2PNB 1024x768 - d'Edge Thao Dien

CAN 2PNC 1024x768 - d'Edge Thao Dien

CAN 2PND 1024x768 - d'Edge Thao Dien

CAN 2PNE 1024x768 - d'Edge Thao Dien


  • 3 bedroom apartment

CAN 3PNA 1024x768 - d'Edge Thao Dien


3PNB 1024x768 - d'Edge Thao Dien

3PNC 1024x768 - d'Edge Thao Dien

CAN 3PND 1024x768 - d'Edge Thao Dien

  • 4 bedroom apartment

CAN 4PNA 1024x768 - d'Edge Thao Dien

CAN 4PNB 1024x768 - d'Edge Thao Dien

  • Duplex

CAN DUPLEX 1 1024x718 - d'Edge Thao Dien

CAN DUPLEX 2 1024x730 - d'Edge Thao Dien

CAN DUPLEX 3 1024x724 - d'Edge Thao Dien

  • Penthouse

Penthouse 499x1024 - d'Edge Thao Dien



16 300x225 - d'Edge Thao Dien     14 300x224 - d'Edge Thao Dien

65 300x199 - d'Edge Thao Dien     66 300x199 - d'Edge Thao Dien

34 300x225 - d'Edge Thao Dien      5 300x200 - d'Edge Thao Dien

7 300x199 - d'Edge Thao Dien      8 300x199 - d'Edge Thao Dien

9 300x199 - d'Edge Thao Dien      10 300x199 - d'Edge Thao Dien

11 300x199 - d'Edge Thao Dien      12 300x199 - d'Edge Thao Dien

13 300x191 - d'Edge Thao Dien      14 1 300x199 - d'Edge Thao Dien

15 1 300x199 - d'Edge Thao Dien      16 2 300x199 - d'Edge Thao Dien

17 300x199 - d'Edge Thao Dien       18 1 300x199 - d'Edge Thao Dien

19 300x190 - d'Edge Thao Dien     20 300x225 - d'Edge Thao Dien

21 300x199 - d'Edge Thao Dien      22 300x199 - d'Edge Thao Dien                                 23 300x201 - d'Edge Thao Dien      25 300x225 - d'Edge Thao Dien

27 300x225 - d'Edge Thao Dien        28 300x225 - d'Edge Thao Dien

29 300x200 - d'Edge Thao Dien        30 300x169 - d'Edge Thao Dien